Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Twin Cities Metro Dares You to Eat Local

"Eat Local. I Dare Ya." is the name of a recent article in Twin Cities Metropolitan that talks about the Eat Local Challenges taking place across the country this month and about why people become passionate about eating more locally. It's about having trust in your food producers. It's about reducing carbon emissions. It's about a relationship with the food you eat and attention to the way you eat it. And as the author, Mecca Bos-Williams, notes:
If you’re a statistical sort, there’s a wealth of facts, figures and numbers on why more people are choosing to eat locally. While these can certainly be compelling, they can’t hold a candle to just-picked heirloom tomatoes, still heavy in your hand with sun-tempered juices, heady on your tongue.
Thanks to my colleague Elin Odegaard for bringing the article to my attention!

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