Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Fox Sighting

More fox sightings in Northfield: My friend Mary has posted a comment to my Fox on Woodley Street post to report that she saw a fox on Hall Avenue at midday yesterday. Please share your interesting wildlife sightings with me! I'd love to know what people happen to see as they go about their daily lives.


Rob Hardy said...

I saw what I'm sure was a golden eagle eating a dead rabbit in the middle of County Road 8, just where it turns off Hwy 3 toward Little Prairie. I stopped to take a picture, but another car drove by and scared it off.

Penny said...

Wow! I wasn't aware golden eagles appear in this region, but I see from the U of M raptor center site -- --that a few do pass through here each fall. As you may know, juvenile bald eagles don't develop their distinctive white markings for several years. I'd be interested to know what made you sure it was a golden. Thanks for writing. As someone who grew up primarily in cities, I love living in a place where we can have these casual encounters with such majestic creatures.

Rob Hardy said...

I thought it could have been an immature bald eagle. But it seemed to have golden or coppery highlights, like a golden. It was massive.