Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Physicist Discusses Global Warming on MPR

Physicist and astronomer James Hansen, lead climate scientist at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Study, was Gary Eichten's guest on MPR's Midmorning show yesterday. It was a very interesting and enlightening discussion. Hansen views coal-burning as the activity contributing most to global warming, explains why scientists can be virtually certain that human activity is leading to the global warming we are seeing (as evidenced in part by rapid melting of the arctic ice cover), and says that if coal-fired plants converted to carbon-sequestration technology we would not have much to worry about.

Read more and listen to the show here.


Dan K said...

Ironic that they had a similar story on this morning in regards to the Iron Range steel plant! They talked about the greenhouse gas emissions the plant would produce and how it contradicts the legislature and Pawlenty's pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Penny said...

I've just heard a little about that, having been out of town; I see it was noted on the Sustain Minnesota blog as well. Thanks for the info.