Friday, November 9, 2007

A Little Political Fun

Here's a fun little exercise: USA Today's Candidate Match Game. You answer 11 questions on major issues, and see which candidates' answers most closely match yours. I was led to this via my sister-in-law's blog post, All Those President Men, Part 2, which sent me to the wonderful Salon article Stop lying to yourself. You love Dennis Kucinich (you have to get past a couple of ad screens to read the whole thing... but it's worth it). That article sends you to the match game with the prediction that if you're a Democrat you'll watch Kucinich rise to the top.

Anyway, good lord, despite thinking I was pretty much John Edwards' girl I found that my number-one match was someone I have barely heard of, if at all, and didn't know was a candidate! Seriously! My second-best match was, gulp, John McCain -- a man I certainly respect but don't expect to vote for (and is not of the party I generally support), and the third-best was... Dennis Kucinich. Salon was right, I guess!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go read about Mike Gravel. Apparently I love the guy.


Hugh said...

I took this last time around and discovered I was an Al Sharton girl. I mean man.

Kucinich was up there though. I may even vote for Dennis in the primary. He is not very "Alpha" (Naomi, where are you)but I do agree with him. I don't believe he can do better than 4th place so that will be as far as it goes.

Unfortunately, I owe it to my party to vote for the front runner come the real deal.


Hugh said...

Yup, it was Dennis. It is interesting to note that even the front runners agree with me on about 1/3 of the issues.


Penny said...

It goes to show -- there is more to choosing a candidate than simply agreeing on the most issues. That shouldn't by any means be a minor consideration, and this match game is certainly enlightening. But, imho, effectiveness, world image, winnability, and other factors including age (sorry, Senator Gravel) are valid considerations.