Friday, August 17, 2007

Even More on Local Dairies

I'm on a roll here looking over the array of producers of dairy products available to us here in Minnesota.

Bongards' Cheese is available both at the supermarkets and at the co-op. Their website says:
Our state of the art factory uses only the freshest milk from our local farm families to produce our award winning cheese. Located 40 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, this 93 year old creamery is an independent co-op in a world of consolidation.
I'm a particular fan of Bongards' string cheese, and have been buying their cheddar from time to time recently as well.

Shepherd's Way Farms is a local jewel, producing artisanal sheep's milk cheeses near Nerstrand that are sold and praised across the country. Still recovering from their devastating fire two and a half years ago, Shepherd's Way makes several different cheeses -- Friesago, Queso Fresco de Oveja and Big Woods Blue -- with others available on a limited basis. You can find their cheese at the co-op.

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