Thursday, August 2, 2007

Chard, Revisited

Earlier in the week I was pondering what to do with the first bunch of chard I'd ever acquired. Here's what I ended up doing: frying some diced red potatoes in olive oil, adding some chopped green onion, then some sliced mild Italian sausage (chicken sausage, in this case), throwing a little minced garlic into the mix, and then, when the potatoes and sausage were both starting to brown, adding half a bunch of coarsely chopped chard. I sautéed the whole thing for a bit, and then covered the pan with a lid so that the chard would steam. When the chard was well-wilted, I deemed it done.

The minerally, slightly astringent taste of the chard went well with the rich spice of the sausage and the neutral earthiness of the potatoes. I liked the contrast of the yellow stalks against the dark green leaves and the red of the potato skins. I'd make this again -- and no doubt I will buy chard again.

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