Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Garden This Week

Container Garden
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As I wrote in my inaugural post, my garden this year consists of a few largish pots on a patio. I have several varieties of tomatoes, and this week they are really starting to ripen in quantity, though it appears that my two cherry varieties are never going to produce well.

One of the reasons I am a vegetable gardener at heart is the never-ending thrill of seeing a tomato turn from green to deep red or yellow, or seeing a cucumber triple in size, over the course of just a few days. See that cucumber in the photo to the right? That's the same one shown in my "Why Eat Locally" post of just a few days ago. I've since picked it and eaten some of it in a cheese, tomato and cucumber sandwich. I've been very happy with this variety (Burpless 26), which produces long fruits with a thin, completely edible skin and a delicious, almost lemony crunch.

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