Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bald Eagle Over Northfield

I saw an eagle more or less over the Cannon River on my way to work today. I'd never seen one until the last few years, and though I now see several a year (and many at a time if we drive down the Mississippi in the winter), I'll never take them for granted. This one was being scolded away by some smaller birds and was flapping those huge, flat wings as it departed, rather than riding the air currents. It took my breath away, as seeing one always does.


Msmoat said...

Ooh, gorgeous! I love eagles--well, all the birds of prey, really. Although I have a special fondness for peregrine falcons. I saw one in the woods near our home on my walk just the other morning. But the really cool thing I've seen recently on my runs is a young fox. He/she was long and sleek and very curious.

Penny said...

I've heard there was at least one family of foxes frequenting the backyards of houses along Prairie Street (east edge of town) recently. I would love to see one!