Monday, July 23, 2007

The Eat Local Challenge

Just Food Co-op has announced details of the Northfield-area Eat Local challenge:
"The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to eat 80 percent of your diet from food produced within the region from August 15 through September 15. That includes fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheeses, bread and anything else produced within the five-state region....

How you divide your percentages is up to you. You may want to measure your 80 percent by product weight or by your food budget. The easiest way might be to make sure four out of five of the items you eat or the ingredients you use are from local sources. No matter which way you do it, your meals will be supporting the local economy, protecting the environment and connecting you with the food and farmers of our region. They may even give you ideas for how to eat more locally during the less productive times of the year.

If you eat mostly local food already, perhaps you could try to eat 100 percent of your food from local sources. Or you may want to eat only foods grown or produced within 60 miles (labeled at Just Food with a green “local” tag). Intimidated by 80%? Try for 50%. We encourage you to challenge yourself."


Anonymous said...

Almost all the cereal we eat comes from your neck of the woods. Other than that I think we will start taking note of where everything else comes from.


Penny said...

You have an advantage with the produce, Hugh -- for us, "from California" means "not local" while for you it is a lot more local, even if not always within the 60-mile radius or "a day's leisurely drive" definitions of local. Have fun and thanks for your comment!