Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tulips Beheaded

I was admiring this budding tulip recently, and thought I'd take a photo of it daily until it opened fully. The photo above wasn't properly focused, but you can see it was going to be a lovely color.

The next day, sad to say, all three tulips in this small bed near our front door had been beheaded, leaving only stray petals as evidence that they were ever there. I assume that our neighborhood rabbits are responsible.

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Jim H. said...

Wascally wabbits.

Shelley said...

That's too bad about your tulips!!! (I had squirrels digging up my bulbs - they're little rascals too!)

Laurel said...

The same thing happened to me yesterday morning--I got up and found about a dozen of my tulips were clean gone! I suspected deer, thinking rabbits might not be able to reach that high, but maybe it was rabbits after all. There were no tracks.

Unknown said...

Laurel - I have never seen deer in our yard, so in my case at least I'm pretty sure it's not deer, but it may very well be in your case. My sympathies on the tulips.