Sunday, January 4, 2009

Icy New Year

Freezing drizzle, instead of several inches of predicted snow, coated vehicles and roads in southern Minnesota yesterday. I saw a car being driven this afternoon with only the driver's side of the windshield scraped clear of ice and all passenger-side windows still coated. Not a smart thing to do.

Despite the frigid cold that followed the warm spell (pouring in from the north with gusty winds overnight that woke me at 3:30 as I tried to figure out what was banging against the house), the ice and the light sprinkling of snow that covered it melted rapidly on our dark, south-facing roof and water trickled steadily down icicles that had formed on this ill-fitting gutter and downspout. The resulting puddles at the top of the driveway froze solid, creating slicks of ice that would have been smooth enough to skate on, were we the size of squirrels and so inclined.
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Mary S. said...

I like your Cannon River in Winter photos, Penny, even if I don't like the winter!

John T. said...

With the wind and the temperture drop our house was cracking and popping all night. My mom who lives up the road said her house was making loud noises all night as well. She thought it had something to do with the heavy coating of ice and falling temperatures.