Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold As All Get-Out

My desktop weather icon reads -21 degrees, at 8:40 a.m. When I arrived at the Water Street parking lot this morning and parked across from my office, I decided to walk the half-block over to the Fourth Street bridge to photograph the steaming falls of the Cannon River at the Ames Mill dam. By the time I'd taken a quick five or six shots, my cheeks, legs (especially my knees, relatively more exposed where my knee-length coat and skirt met my warm boots), and gloved fingers were starting to hurt. I pulled my coat hood up and adjusted my scarf around my face; my glasses instantly started to fog up. Walking the half-block back to the office, I was acutely aware of how uncomfortable I was. I opened the front door to the office and the warm interior air finished the fogging job on my glasses. My cheeks were red and the shoes I'd been carrying were so cold I had to let them sit a few minutes before I could bear to put my feet into them.

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Rob Hardy said...

I had to walk from our house in to my office at Carleton. A rather painful walk! I wonder if Christopher Tassava rode his bike in this morning?