Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cannon River at 20 Below Zero

This is the scene I endured cold knees to capture this morning: Ames Mill and the Cannon River steaming over the falls, as seen from the east bank and the Fourth Street Bridge.

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Deb said...

It almost looks as if the waterfall is freezing up. Brrr!

Jim H. said...

Where do the carp go when the dam freezes? Grand Cayman? Achafalaya?

Jim H. said...

I guess the proper spelling is Atchafalaya, though there are some older references in Louisiana literature that leave out the "t."

Christopher Tassava said...

Penny, how on earth did I neglect to get your blog into my RSS reader!?!? Terrible web management on my part!

On the other hand, my delay brought me right to this post: WOW. Great pictures. The steaming falls are spectacular.

Penelope said...

Thanks, Christopher! At about 15 below right now, I expect the view will be similar this morning (as soon as the sun comes up). I work right on Water St., so I enjoy making that stretch of the river one of the focal points of my posts.

Boy am I glad that the nature photography class I signed up for that was scheduled for this morning has been postponed!