Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House Sparrow Nesting

This house sparrow was at work on a roof beam overhanging the deck of the riverfront burger joint where Dave and I ate lunch in McGregor, Iowa, last Thursday. We could almost have touched it, it was so close, though these photos are cropped quite a bit, so it wasn't quite as close as it may seem. Rob Hardy's post on nesting inspired me to post these shots, which catch this bird twice with bits of nesting material -- dry grass, at a guess -- in its beak.

We assumed that the nest was under the overhanging corrugated metal roof, but didn't actually notice the bird going in there.

A lovely profile and such a nice white tummy...

It was a pleasure to watch this little bird from so relatively close. No fuzzy pictures this time!
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Rob Hardy said...

Great pictures. I wish I had my camera when I saw the chickadee. I was afraid to go get it, though, and miss all the action.