Sunday, May 4, 2008

Evening Walk in the Carleton Arb

My eight-year-old companion and I enjoyed our first arb walk of the season together this evening -- crossing the wooden bridge into the lower arb and following the trail past the tennis courts, along the Cannon River, veering away from the river into mixed woodland and restored prairie, and around past the edge of an area that had recently undergone a controlled burn. A highlight was seeing some deer. Henry saw one doe that I didn't see, and then we saw two as we passed the same area on the way back. One leaped away, showing its white tail, but the other doe froze in place for quite a long time, allowing us to admire her large ears (below, in the center of the photo). Above, I'm trying out one of Picasa's collage features, which I just discovered. You can click on it to see the entire collage larger. I'd appreciate feedback on whether you think collages like this make a good blog feature.

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Rob Hardy said...

I like the collage. It's too big to enlarge and fit on my little screen, but I can scroll around and explore it. I love the picture of the small tree trunks reflected in a quiet, twilit pool. Very nice.

I hope you were hope in time to watch Cranford on PBS. It's brilliant.

Jim H. said...

Collage si!