Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Asparagus and Lorence's Berry Farm

I've had some superb asparagus from Lorence's Berry Farm in the past week or so. I stopped at the stand as I drove home down Cedar from an event in Lakeville the weekend before last, and bought more from Just Food co-op a few days ago. I saw it was also available at Econofoods, though at a higher price than at the co-op. I haven't happened to buy asparagus directly from the farm before, though I do try to pick strawberries there at least every couple of years. Doing so has added to the quality of life we've experienced as Northfielders for the past 18 years. I've had some wonderful strawberry shortcakes and done all the jam-making I've ever done from Lorence's berries. One of my daughters gave me a flat of Lorence's berries for my birthday last year, and I made a batch of my favorite low-sugar strawberry jam, which is deeply flavorful and tastes like a very distillation of summer.

I was distressed to learn the fate that may be in store for Lorence's if a proposed project for straightening out the Cedar T-intersection is carried out. The Northfield News recently reported on this story, quoting David Lorence as feeling sick to his stomach since receiving word in April that the relocated road could go right through his house. I'd feel sick to my stomach, too. It's hard to believe that an appealing and viable local produce farm that so adds to the quality of life for area residents must be sacrificed so that more people can drive between the southern suburbs and the northern edges of Northfield without having to stop at a stop sign.


Mnmom said...

Hi, another Northfield blogger here. What can we do about the road issue? I think it's absolutely ridiculous to tear apart a long-time family business to eliminate a stop sign. I don't mind stopping there - it's a nice break in the trip. Surely common sense could prevail here. Any ideas?

Penelope said...

Hi mnmom,

Thanks for writing. I've just started to learn about this situation, so I'll try to get a better handle on it and report back. This seems to be a Dakota County issue, which may unfortunately may limit the extent to which most Northfielders can have an official impact on the process.