Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seed-Starting, Day Three

Last night, as I posted earlier, I discovered three seedlings from the ten zinnia seeds I had planted Sunday evening. When I got home from work this evening there were six up, and two hours later there were eight. I checked the seed packet, which gave typical germination time as 7-10 days. I've got these under good lights, and I'm guessing that helped speed things up. These flowers want full sun, according to the seed packet.

It never fails to thrill me to see such sturdy, determined life emerge from something so small, dry and seemingly lifeless. Below is a screenshot from the Renee's Garden website showing these Raggedy Anne Cactus Zinnias (Zinnia elegans). The packet says:
"These giant flowering cactus zinnias have jolly 4-5 inch flower faces with curved and twisted narrow petals like quilled chrysanthemums. Raggedy Anne's branching plants grow 3-4 feet tall and bloom merrily, lighting up the garden for weeks on end."
From this description, I can see why they were included in the Children's Garden seed collection we ordered, along with giant sunflowers, Cinderella pumpkins and more. That's a lot of pizzazz from a few small seeds.

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