Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seed-Starting, Day Ten

My little garden is coming along nicely. All but one or two of my tomatoes are up now; the last to germinate were the Super Bush container tomatoes at the far left, which started coming up right after my last update. The zinnias are now a couple of inches tall and developing their first true leaves. Only the peppers have yet to appear, and they are always slow unless it is really warm. In my house, even under the grow-lights, they are probably only at 65 degrees or less much of the time, as the house heat is turned down at night and when I am at work.

This array of seedlings doesn't look like much, but it is 30+ plants. Given the other things I plan to plant -- lettuce, chard, radishes, cucumbers, chard, squash, pumpkins and sunflowers -- in my small garden (containers on my patio and one long garden bed I have use of at my ex-husband's house), I'm not even sure I'll have room for all of these when it comes time to dig and plant.
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