Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kitchen Composting in Berkeley

I knew from my last couple of visits to my brother in Berkeley, CA, that they have garden waste carts, like our wheeled garbage carts, that are picked up weekly for composting. Since September 2007, residents have been able to add to those carts their kitchen waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and bones, food-soiled paper, and waxed cardboard. I'd been thinking what a huge waste pizza boxes represent, since they can't be recycled with other paper and cardboard unless they are completely clean, which would be unusual. It didn't occur to me that they can be composted, but that seems an elegant solution. I was surprised to see that meat and bones can be included, since those are usually discouraged from inclusion in home compost piles to minimize odors and pest attraction.


Rob Hardy said...

The county council in Warwickshire provided garden waste composting bins that were picked up every two weeks, but kitchen waste wasn't accepted. It was a great service.

Griff Wigley said...

We've got a policy discussion going about curbside composting over on Locally Grown, Penny.