Bluebird Trail

In the spring of 2012 we became bluebird landlords and monitors, putting up a pair of nestboxes on our property and volunteering to monitor several other sites, for a total of 16 nestboxes as of mid-April. (We subtracted a couple of boxes but added four for a total of 18 as of mid-May.) Around the start of May we also agreed to start monitoring a trail of four additional nestboxes in another part of the area. If you would like to follow the adventures of our bluebird trail, follow the links in the bulleted list below or simply click here to display all posts with the tag "bluebirds."

We support and recommend the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota, which offers many resources to people interested in putting up and monitoring bluebird houses. Their Top Ten Tips for Successful Bluebirding is a great place to start [note: this link was outdated but is now working again].

Another terrific resource is the bluebird-focused website We have also been consulting Bluebird Trails - A Guide to Success by Dorene H. Scriven, published by the Bluebird Recovery Committee of the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis. And The Bluebird Guy is a good overview by another Northfield-area bluebird enthusiast.

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