Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year in Review and What's New at Penelopedia

I had to write a new post to get the white-breasted nuthatch off the top post, because I have just adopted him or her as my new header photo. What do you think?

Also, I added up our 2010 bird list (see tab at top of page) and we saw 95 species -- to which announcement Dave replied, "Is that all? We'll have to do better in 2011." So there we have it: a challenge for the new year.

Another new thing on the blog is a page to track our 2011 Project Feederwatch counts. The idea there is to track the largest number of a particular species that you see together at one time during a given count period (we'll try to count each week). That way you know for sure there are that many individuals, rather than adding up birds you see at different times of the day. House finches are the leaders so far, with as many as seven visible at one time at or near our feeders.

I've also added a Book List page with some of the books that have influenced me or that I refer to regularly. As always, I truly encourage you to patronize your local bookseller if you are interested in any of these, but for convenience there are links to Amazon.com. 

Penelopedia has been getting a lot of hits recently from people looking for images of animal tracks in the snow. With all the snow in the UK and elsewhere this December, my post about that subject from a couple of years ago, which features a track chart from the Ohio DNR, has had 754 page views in the last month and more than 1,700 since May. The Northfield flooding in September also brought about 1,500 visitors to the blog (that's the big spike you see in the graph at left).

Thanks for stopping by, whether you are a one-time visitor looking for information on a particular topic or a regular reader of Penelopedia. I look forward to sharing more birding and nature adventures and discoveries with you in 2011. And I WILL be planting a vegetable garden this year, so stay tuned for some gardening moments as well. Peace.

Favorite photos from 2010

Western Minnesota road trip, May

Busy day at the feeders, December

Great blue heron in the treetop, October

Grey crowned crane at the Int'l Crane Foundation, September

Argiope spider, September

Dog day cicada, August

Monarch butterfly on coneflower, July

Green heron at St. Olaf nature area, June


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

That is a perfect header photo. I'd like to change things up on my blog too, but for now I'm just happy to be back writing again.
I've only ever kept a life list. Home and Hasty yard lists are just in my head. This year though, I've decided to try to keep a year list. Happy New Year!

Dan Tallman said...

I like your new banner so much that I can't remember your old one!

Penelope said...

Dan - I didn't have a header photo before in the current blog design, so it's no wonder you can't remember it.

Lynn - we're happy you're back writing and posting photos again, too.