Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Section of the Tree Falls

Last week I posted a photo of a large section of a honey locust tree that fell from our neighbor's property into our circle. Last night the second of the three main sections fell in the overnight storms, landing just a few feet short of our house.

Here's the view from inside the house:

Once again, we didn't hear a thing -- this time not only because we were inside with the AC running, but because we were asleep except when awoken by thunder, lashing rain, and nearly hourly severe thunderstorm and flash flooding alerts on our emergency weather radio.

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Angie said...

We had all kinds of trees down here too and didn't realize how bad it was until my husband drove around the next morning. I was actually awaken by the footsteps of my two year old coming into the room. Of course when I popped my head up and called for him I couldn't see him or hear him anymore and it was lightening like crazy out, then all of a sudden my son says, "OOOgggghhhhh" real loud while he points to the window. It was hilarious!