Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

We had eight inches or more of snow on the ground as of about 7 a.m., and more snow is coming down steadily. The winds seemingly have been coming from all directions -- I guess that's why they call it a blizzard. Snow piled up in the windows of both the north and south sides of the house, there was also evidence of a strong east-west movement, and snow was driven in under the somewhat sheltered north-facing porch door where the dog goes in and out (see photos below) .

South-facing window with snow piled up -- note also several inches of snow accumulation in the caged birdfeeder.

Snow blown under the back door of the three-season porch from the north and/or east -- door faces north but is sheltered from the west.

This last photo would indicate the wind blowing strongly from the west or east (probably east, looking at the snow patterns), scouring tracks on our deck. Kitten Orion's reflection made it into the photo; he is of course very curious about all of this.

I took a brief video showing the wind blowing the birdfeeders around a couple of hours ago, but You Tube still hasn't finished processing it (yesterday I uploaded the video of Orion climbing the laundry drying rack and they had it ready in about three minutes -- it's hard to figure why the difference). I'll post it here when it's ready.

Addendum: here is the brief video. Nothing too exciting -- but if you expand the view to fill your screen you'll see the snow as well as the swaying birdfeeders.


Jim H. said...

Shoveling the driveway yesterday morning, I also noted how the wind seemed to change direction every 30 seconds or so. Reminds of how Chicagoans boast that two persons walking toward each other in The Loop are often both leaning into the wind.

Christopher Tassava said...

Great photos! That was a doozy of a storm!

Hummingbird Feeder said...

Great photos, and I like the video too, looks blustery! But I bet those birds are grateful for the feeder!