Monday, December 7, 2009

Kitten Bliss

Here is our new little guy, Orion, on the right, sleeping soundly with his head on our new little girl Amber's side. Being slender and not very thick-haired, he isn't as well insulated as the other cats in the household and loves to sleep next to one or another of them. Even the senior cat of the house, Jeeves (photo at left), has taken to him and allows himself to be licked and snuggled next to. Jeeves, who is 11 or 12, unfortunately is noticeably "not himself" this week, clearly uncomfortable and depressed. A visit to the vet ruled some things out but didn't come up with a decisive diagnosis. So we're worried about that and hope the big guy perks up again soon.

Below is a short video of Orion scrambling up the rungs of the indoor laundry rack, a spot he recently discovered he likes.

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

That sure is a funny way to use a clothes drying rack. We have a round rack that spins our cats think it is the best toy ever. They can bat at the clothes and it keeps on moving. Then the kids like to make a tent underneath by putting a sheet over the top. It's amazing that clothes ever get dry.