Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swarms of Box Elder Bugs

Last year I showed you even thicker swarms of box elder bugs, but this year I have close-ups! And video! Note that last year's photos were taken in the first week of October. Having had several unseasonably early weeks of cool or cold, wet, overcast days, last weekend was the first real opportunity this fall for these guys to seek out warm, sunny, south-facing, light-colored walls. It seems they swarm on sunny days after the first cold weather of the season, looking for a place to overwinter. I don't know where they all end up -- a few end up inside the house, but not many.


RuthieJ said...

UGH! We had swarms of lady beetles and box elder bugs the other day too. Now I'm starting to find them crawling around inside the house--I think they're coming in on the fireplace wood.

Christopher Tassava said...

I had one of these crawling all over my office the other day, verrrry slowly. At one point it marched over one hand, then the other. They're very strange creatures, but I rather like the orange chevron. Kinda sporty.

cindyzlogic said...

Oh! I hate these little critters! They infested our home when I was a child...and we could find them crawling on us in the Winter...spray!!!