Friday, October 5, 2007

Box Elder Bug Season

Box Elder Bugs swarming on garage doorRob Hardy's "season of plagues" comment to my last post reminded me that a year ago I submitted to a photo or two of box elder bugs swarming on the south-facing face of my former house, where my ex-husband still lives. As I recall, Adam Gurno gave it the honor of grossest photo of the week. I haven't seen them quite this thick yet this year, but they are plentiful and rather annoying as they look for suitable hibernation spots. They prefer light-colored, south-facing surfaces -- hence their particular profusion at this location. Here is a page with more information about them and advice on how to keep them out of your home.
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Rob Hardy said...

Jim Haas has also posted about box elder bugs on his blog, with one of Bill Holm's Box Elder Bug Variations.

Brian said...

Nice picture of a good box elder bug infestation. Our website has similar pictures except the box elder bugs have been killed by Buggslayer Insecticide.

See the pics and some video here:

Tis the season for Asian lady beetles too.

John Tittle said...

With regard to Brian's comment. I agree the bugs can be gross and I know lots of people use insecticide to kill them, but isn't it true soapy water in an airless sprayer kills them?
Myself I just put up with them. Here's a quote from a post of mine that points out someone likes boxelder bugs.
"This winter, on a ledge in the garage where the electric line comes in I found a big pile of box elder bug wings and legs. What happened to the bodies? Closer inspection revealed mouse poop mixed in with the bug parts.

It appears I have found the table of a feast that lasts all winter. There is someone who likes box elder bugs..."
The post is long, but someone might find it interesting: