Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rose-breasted Grosbeak Through the Binoculars

On the second leg of our birdwatching walk near Henderson yesterday, we saw this rose-breasted grosbeak fly to the top of a nearby tree. This was only the second RBG I'd ever seen, so I was quite excited. The paltry zoom on my camera didn't do it justice, but I remembered having read about "binscoping" - putting the camera lens up to one side of one's binoculars. I've dabbled in "digiscoping," which involves the same idea but using a spotting scope, but we hadn't brought the scope on this outing. The photo above taken through my binoculars worked out pretty well, I thought. It is of course more of a challenge to get a steady image than it is when using a spotting scope on a tripod, but the larger opening of the binocular eyepiece made it easy to put the camera lens to it without have problems with "vignetting" - the dark circumference that can interfere with a good image.

I was sorry that the brilliant blue sky of an hour or so earlier had been taken over by clouds; this would have been really nice with some color behind it.
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