Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Purple Basil in Late June Garden

This pretty purple basil begged to be photographed this morning when I went out to visit the dew-dampened garden.

As you can see, I finally got around to spreading out straw mulch on the garden. I bought it several weeks ago, but didn't want to put it down before the ground really started to warm up, and because of our cool weather earlier this month that took a while. The tomatoes are really starting to grow now that we have had some hot days and warmer nights. As a result of the warm-up, some of my self-seeded lettuces have started to bolt and have turned bitter. The only plants that have suffered from the bunnies are the four chard plants, but at least one of those still looks as if it might come to something. I have three squash plants and several cucumbers down at the far end of the bed, which are just starting to develop their real leaves. It'll be quite a while before we have anything to pick from them.

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...and she lived... said...

your garden looks great! I hope my tomatoes start to do something soon too. They are pretty wimpy still. I'm happy to have found your blog. We just bought our first house in East Bethel so I'm new at gardening and love reading about Minnesota gardens!

Patrick said...

These past few days I can see my tomatoes growing by the hour. I mulched mine right before those heavy winds a few weeks back and the plants were pretty beaten up when the wind scattered the straw across the whole of Rice County.