Friday, April 17, 2009

Let There Be Blossoms

The warmth of the last couple of days took the daffodils in my south-facing front flower bed from just starting to show flower buds last weekend to open blooms this afternoon (the photo on the left was taken just a day or two ago). As I drove about town this afternoon I also noticed that suddenly many lawns, just starting to green up, are painted blue with naturalized Scilla siberica (Siberian squill).

In another flower bed the first of my species tulips had opened up completely, though I hadn't even noticed that flowers were forming. Smaller than this cropped photo might suggest, species tulips are low-growing, hardy bulbs with a flower that is more star-shaped than cup-shaped. They make good addition to rock gardens, though mine are just in a normal bed near our front door.

We're expecting some much-needed rain in the next couple of days and cooler temperatures than the high 60s and low 70s we've been enjoying this week.
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Charles said...

Very nice picture of this beautiful tulip. There are so many types (sorts? kind?, sorry I'm french). I love your site, it's very nice!
Louise (MoiCLouLou, on Twitter0
P.S. I'm also a gardener

Penelope said...

Thanks so much!

Jim H. said...

What, no bunnies?

Kallen305 said...

Great flower shots. I bet that rain will work wonders and the rest will bloom.

Jim H. said...

These are pretty, made even moreso by their sudden appearance after a long winter. Over at Red Wing Nature Notes, there are a couple of recent posts about pasque flowers and other wildflowers in bloom on the upper Mississippi River bluffs. Lovely!

John T. said...

I'm usually pretty good about waiting for spring, but I've had a full-blown case of spring fever just lately. The blossoms are a welcome sight.