Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bold Rabbits

This bold or at least inquiring rabbit appeared on our deck on Saturday. Perhaps it has done so before when we were not at home. We were surprised it would come so close to the house. It didn't seem to notice me inside, taking several photos of it through the sliding door, even though I forgot to turn off the flash the first time.

After a bit it hopped away -- lippety, lippety, not very fast* -- and then it was joined by another!

*Recognize the literary reference?


Jim H. said...

That would b Robert Browning describing Elizabeth Barrett Browning's development as a poet.

No, wait..lines from a Bob Dylan song about gowing up in Hibbing.

Or...Beatrix Potter.

Ummmm...Grace Slick?

Yay, bunnies!

Mary S. said...

Brave rabbits -- but here's what I have noticed this year: Look at the size of those bunnies! What have they been eating all winter? Oh, yeah, my shrubs.

Mary S. said...

I just heard something bunny related. Apparently there has been a mange going around among fox populations, which has significantly reduced the number of foxes around MN this winter, and that's one reason there seem to be more rabbits.

Penelope said...

Jim - You're right. That's all I'm saying.

Mary - Mange, eh? Poor foxes; good news for the rabbits, unless they breed themselves into overpopulation and famine -- but there are lots of juicy shrubs and plants left, so they are probably fine. Our gardens may not be.

Shellmo said...

Looks like they were having a social gathering on your deck! Cute!