Monday, August 18, 2008

Tomato Season

I returned from my vacation a week ago to find the tomatoes ripening quickly in my larger garden. I've not been a solicitous caretaker of this garden this year. Since I don't live onsite, I have not watered since the first couple of weeks after planting, nor did I ever get around to putting down any straw mulch to keep weeds down and help maintain moisture in the soil (my close plantings may have helped here, shading the ground around the plants quite well), nor did I do much weeding. But the tomatoes are coming in like gangbusters.

My cherry tomatoes this year came in a tricolor combination from Renee's Garden Seeds (Garden Candy: A mixture of Sweet Gold F-1, Supersweet 100 F-1, and Sungold F-1). My favorites are the smaller red and orange-yellow ones, just the right size to pop into one's mouth, but I love having the variety of colors and sizes in the garden and in the bowl, as above.

I like how big the stem "stars" are on these. The one above makes me think of a leaping dancer.
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Mary Schier said...

Do all three colors grow on one plant? If so, I'm ordering that one for next year.

Penelope said...

Mary - not a single plant, but a single packet containing color-coded coated seeds so you can tell which plants will be which.

Rhena said...

I just found your blog while I was looking for some local grain mills that I might be able to visit. (Google sent me to an entry you had in March about Whole Grain Milling in Welcome, MN. I'm doing my own tri-state eating experiment this month and your blog is a great resource for both local eating in Minnesota and for a newbie gardener looking for guidance.

I'll be back to visit...!

Penelope said...

Rhena - thanks for stopping by and letting me know you were here! Good luck with your local eating project.