Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red-breasted Nuthatch

The colder temperatures lately have increased the activity at some of our feeders, and yesterday as light snow fell I was happy to see this red-breasted nuthatch make a number of visits to the peanut and sunflower seed feeders. I haven't seen one too often this winter. So cute.

I wrote three posts about nuthatches (red-breasted and white-breasted) at around this time last year: January 2, January 18, and January 23.


dAwN said...

Cool! We don't have the Red-breasted coming to our feeders here..instead the White-breasted and the Brown-headed nuthatch. They love Zick dough!
Happy birding..Stay warm!

Gene said...

Nice photos and a wonderful site.
Gebirdwatching-birds.blogspot.comne Vermillion