Friday, July 15, 2011

Blue Jays in Summer

We haven't been seeing so much of the colorful birds we had at the feeders a few weeks ago, but the blue jays have been regulars at the whole-peanut wreath feeder lately, at least when we keep nuts in the feeder (they don't last very long). Sometimes they pull out a whole nut in its shell quite quickly, but other times (or perhaps it's other birds) they work on it for minutes at a time -- always wary, looking around every couple of seconds in between tries. If pulling the whole thing out doesn't work, sometimes they peck at a shell until it breaks apart and they are able to extract the nut within.

The video below shows a jay working at just keeping its balance on the swaying feeder, but it soon grabs a nut and flies away.

1 comment:

Chip said...

Nice to see blue jays back in our yard in MPLS. West Nile Virus hit them hard but they seem to be making a big comeback. Nice shots!