Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Snow

The daffodils had been up and blooming for several days when we got a good three-plus inches of heavy, wet, spring snow last night. I took this photo at about 10 a.m. Much of it has melted by now.


Billie Jo said...

As much as I hate to admit this, the snow does look pretty in those pictures! We just got an inch or two here up north. BRRRRR!!!!

~Billie Jo

Jim H. said...

Beautiful! Sort of.

Caroline said...

More snow coming your way from western SD. Sorry to send it your way.

Ben Hardy said...

These photos are beautiful. Here in England, we are having the hottest April ever recorded, with hardly a drop of rain. I fear for the May flowers.

Penelope said...

Ben - I'd heard it was warmer in Wales than Spain earlier this week, according to a relation of sorts who lives in Glamorgan. I hope the drought doesn't continue too long.

Caroline - we got some of that snow, but mainly it just melted. I hope we've seen the last of it!

Jim - I agree with the mixed assessment.

Billie Jo - Do you still have snow on the ground up there?