Thursday, March 10, 2011

River's Edge in March Snow; Ice Going Out

Without a lot of narration, here are some shots of the Cannon River above the dam during yesterday morning's wet snow. The ice was definitely on its way out, and in the final photo, taken today, there is a broad swath of open water at last. This is almost exactly the date the ice went out last year: see this March 10 post and this one on the 11th, and this one with video of a huge ice sheet going over the dam on March 13. In 2008 I noted the ice was out on March 18.


Christopher Tassava said...

Thanks for posting this! I had been wondering about this. The river downstream along the Lower Arb never iced over this winter; there were always wide swaths of black water, fringed by ice. It's completely open now, and, I think, awfully high already.

Unknown said...

This is good stuff - I like the comparison between last year and now.

Unknown said...

Thanks -- it's good to know there is value in the year-to-year comparisons. With three and a half years of this blog archived, I've got some decent phenology records now.