Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nice Minnesota Bird Book for Kids

Wild About Minnesota Birds: A Youth's Guide to the Birds of MinnesotaMy 11-year-old son is showing quite an interest in the birds at our feeders -- he'll grab a field guide to figure out what something is, or grab my camera if it's nearby and start taking photos. (He got the shots of the white-breasted nuthatch in my previous post.) I brought him along on the Christmas Bird Count a week ago, and he remained interested all morning and asked to be put in charge of the observation checklist/tally sheet.

So when I saw the book Wild About Minnesota Birds: A Youth's Guide to the Birds of Minnesota while doing my last-minute Christmas shopping in downtown Northfield, I thought it would be a great choice. It's a nice size (about 7.5" x 10"), with a good balance of beautiful photos and engaging descriptions of the birds, habitat and habits. I'm looking forward to dipping into it myself.

This book is available at Present Perfect on Division Street in Northfield, and I'm sure it would also be available at Monkey See Monkey Do.

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Unknown said...

Update: this book has been one of the most successful gifts ever! It hit at just the right point in his developing interest in birds, and he has been looking at it every day and wanting to go on birding outings to see more of the birds in the book and check them off. So we did a little reprise of part of the Christmas Bird Count route and added seven or eight species to his official list. Highly recommended, for the right young person.