Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Junco

Dave noticed our first Dark-eyed Junco of the season foraging on the ground in front of the house this afternoon. October is peak migration month for juncos moving through Minnesota, according to Robert Janssen's Birds in Minnesota, though the migration period extends from August into December. Juncos will be with us here in southern Minnesota until the spring, when they return to more northerly climes.


Lemur said...

We've got a bunch of birds here that I think are Juncos. I really need to locate my binoculars! I didn't realize they go north for the winter rather than south.

One of the fun things about moving back to the country has been getting to see birds again!

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Penelope said...

Hi @Lemur, actually, they do go south for the winter, it's just that they spend their summers so far north in Alaska and across Canada into Newfoundland that even here in Minnesota we don't see them during the summer. Thanks for visiting!