Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Squirrel

This morning we saw a spot of bright color out of the living room window -- not a cardinal, but a little red squirrel. I don't see these too often, and usually it is at high speed and at a distance. I've never seen one come to the feeder area before. The big gray squirrels have been proving themselves adept at raiding the "squirrel-proof" feeders under high snow-cover conditions, and the thick accumulation of shells and some spilled seeds shows it. When things dry out, we'll have to clear away all the leavings. This little cutie decided to eat while the eating was good. Learn more about red squirrels in Minnesota here (Minnesota DNR) and here (Jim Gilbert writing in yesterday's Star Tribune).

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Squirrel Proof Feeder said...

as much as i hate squirrels that red squirrel is rather cute.