Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Light Before and After the Rain

The opalescent, rain-threatening light drew my eyes to the river and sky this morning in downtown Northfield.

Some 11 hours later, after heavy rains had passed through in the afternoon, the treetops took on a warm glow from the setting sun.

Here is another view from the morning, focused more on the watered-silk river and less on the sky. I like the compositional balance of this one a little better, but my eyes continue to be drawn to the dramatic sky of the first.
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Christopher Tassava said...

Wonderful photos, Penny!

Mary S. said...

The rain has produced some noticeable greening up on the burning bush in my backyard as well as lots of bulb foliage action. Interestingly, this is earlier than last year, which I do not remember being as cold as this year. Nice photos.