Sunday, June 8, 2008

Container Garden, June 8

A week after planting, my patio container garden is waterlogged but otherwise coming along nicely. There's obviously been no need to water, except for my basil pots that are on a window ledge under the roof overhang. When severe weather was forecast Thursday night I pulled the pots back against the house, under the same overhang, to help protect them from a pounding by hail, which in the end never materialized.

The sturdy container-size tomatoes are growing well, and the lettuce, chard, radishes and cucumbers I planted as seeds last week have all germinated (cucumber seedlings can be seen below). My hand slipped with the radishes and so I have a veritable forest of little radish seedlings. They will clearly need to be thinned considerably -- and soon -- to allow them room to form proper radishes, but the thinnings can be tossed into a salad. In the foreground of the top photo, in the white pot along with some lobelia, is a cluster of three little marigolds my son started at school and brought home for Mother's Day.
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