Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anthony Minghella

I did not realize until yesterday, hearing the sad news of Anthony Minghella's untimely and unexpected death, that he was the director and writer of two of my favorite films: The English Patient (for which he wrote the screenplay of the Michael Ondaatje novel, and won the Best Director Oscar; and, yes, I did know he had directed that one) and the funny, intelligent and deeply moving Truly, Madly, Deeply. I'd never made a connection between the two before. Minghella has been quoted as saying he found that was not a film director, but a writer who could direct films that he had written.

I hope that, somewhere, Mr. Minghella is reading great books, writing phenomenal screenplays, and watching classic movies on video.

Nina: "I can't believe I have a bunch of dead people watching videos in my living room." [Truly, Madly, Deeply]


Rob Hardy said...

And today, sadly, Minnesota author Jon Hassler died. So much talent lost this week.

Penelope said...

Yes, I'd been contemplating posting something about him as well. While none of Hassler's books individually makes my list of favorites, I own several of his books, have enjoyed them very much, and have great respect for his body of work. Another sad loss.